As the national cesarean section rate rises, many women are seeking alternatives to a repeat cesarean. Sometimes expectant moms discover during pregnancy that their care provider is not well-suited to attend a successful VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean). It is extremely important that women are allowed the freedom and responsibility of informed choice, yet many women feel trapped because of doctor and hospital policies. If you are considering a VBAC, I would love to visit with you about your options. I gladly attend VBAC moms, thereby providing another option for women who feel they have no options.

Following are some things to keep in mind if you are preparing for a VBAC:
  • Everything that
    s usually important for a healthy pregnancy (diet, exercise, reducing stress, etc.) is extra import. Do all you can to take good care of yourself and your baby.
  • Research your options: Both VBAC and repeat cesarean section have advantages and disadvantages. However, often the disadvantages of repeat cesarean section are minimized, while the advantages of VBAC are ignored. Take a close look at the statistics. There are many great online resources, such as Childbirth Connection.
  • Take personal responsibility for your health decisions: You are the one that has to live with the consequences of your health choices. Research your options and make the choice that
    best for your family
  • Use a care provider that is supportive and enthusiastic about your decision to VBAC.
  • Educate yourself about normal pregnancy and birth.
  • Maintain an excellent diet: Whole foods, fresh produce, plenty of protein, and a good prenatal vitamin.
  • Exercise consistently: Labor is hard work. Your body will thank you if you
    ve prepared.
  • Acknowledge your fears and other emotional issues resulting from your previous cesarean(s).
  • Reduce stress
  • Listen to your body: Rest when you
     need to; don
    t push yourself beyond healthy limits.
  • Have a dependable support system. Find a local ICAN group or join their email list.
Please contact me if I can be of help to you. I
d love to visit with you about your options for pregnancy and birth.